Heavyweight sound intensity teams with an ultra-lightweight design to create the ultimate in on-the-go listening, the Koss UR40. With improved signal transmission and conduction for a clean and clear sound, these headphones will minimize mechanical distortion and ensure exceedingly accurate sound reproduction.

Featuring a hybrid design, the UR40 integrate the best of closed and open style headphones. Closed leatherette ear cushions form a tight seal around the ears to enhance bass frequencies, while screened ear cups provide an open, hear-through sound that keeps you in tune with your surroundings. The result: a clean, full frequency, great sound that turns every recording into a “live” performance.

At just over six ounces, the Koss UR40 headphones wear comfortably, store easily, and travel lightly. Titanium sound in a collapsible, lightweight package.

Koss UR40

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    • Full-frequency clean sound turns any recording into a "live" performance
    • Screened ear cups provide open, hear-through sound letting listeners stay in touch with surroundings
    • Closed leatherette ear cushions form tight seal around ears, enhancing sound bass
    • Enjoy greater volume levels, even with low-voltage portable devices
    • Airy mesh sling provides soft, breathable support
    • Lightweight frame (just over 6 oz) folds into protective compact configuration for easy portability
    • Includes a straight, dual-entry 4 foot cord with gold-flashed 3.5 mm (1/8-inch) plug
    • Includes 6.3 mm adapter

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